Image of Limited Edition Artist's Booklet

Limited Edition Artist's Booklet


In 1951 profoundly deaf cyclist James Duthie cycled solo from Scotland to the Arctic Circle.

This limited edition artists' booklet marks the 60th anniversary of Duthie's trip, featuring extracts from and responses to his self-published journal I Cycled Into The Arctic Circle (1955).

Bound in a hand-stitched canvas wallet, each illustrated booklet includes letter-pressed artwork, a DVD with edited extracts from Duthie's rare 16mm home movies set to music by The One Ensemble & Sarah Kenchington, uniquely designed hand-made inserts and a page torn from Duthie's original journal.

The edition numbers just 104 copies (equal to the number of pages in Duthie's journal).

Created by Alice Smith, ]bracketpress[ and Matt Hulse.

Published 19th August 2011 at UNBOUND, Edinburgh International Book Festival.

Supported by Creative Scotland Lottery Fund.